Wot matchmaking su 122

Su 122 44 preferential matchmaking published: 04052018 the scandal broke in january world of tanks || su-122-44 - tank review info shopping.

The su-122-44 was a soviet self-propelled gun (spg) prototype the classification 44 stands for the t-44 tank chassis, which this spg utilized it was designed. No preferential matchmaking (still meets tier 9 tanks), penetration is lacking world of tanks pc - tank guides - guide to the su-122-44 info.

-i am making this thread because recently i bought the su 122 44 its a good tank, i like it it has a bad matchmaking (or is it just me ) and blah.

Maybe they can work on the su 122-44 after they fix the issues with the e 25 the e 25 should have it's preferred matchmaking removed and. World of tanks/ the isu-122s is a soviet tier 7 premium tank destroyer in tier viii and ix matches that the isu-122s faces due to the lack of preferential matchmaking the d-25 isn't nearly as scary as before, forcing you.

Su-122-44 - posted in soviet tanks: just wondering if anyone can tell me enough in tier 9, bet it bossed during the na +1/-1 match making.

Wot matchmaking su 122

  • Damaged 192 damage vs modules 165 caliber (mm) 122 shell velocity ( m/s) 800 max range (m) 720 ammo capacity 35 potential damage 13,650.

History development of the su-122-44 started in the summer of 1944 while not boasting preferential matchmaking the gun has the ability to. The matchmaker takes tanks from queue, which can participate in tier 8 battles ( see column su-76i 4, valentine ii pzkpfw b2 740(f) a-32 amx 40 valentine.

Wot matchmaking su 122
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